Tips & Tricks Thursday – Wood Embossing!!

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Good morning!!  Wendy here with this week’s Tips & Tricks Thursday.

Recently while hanging out watching some You Tube video’s, I came across something that practically slapped me in the cheek.  So easy, and yet the effect was AMAZING!!  I had to share it with you…  Wood Embossing!!

Here are all the supplies that I used…three different colors of embossing powders, a wood frame ($1 from the craft supply store), a heat tool, Versamark or any other embossing ink and Skipping Stones Designs Timeless Textures.

I bought these frames in raw wood (with no varnish), so beforehand, I painted it with an inexpensive acrylic paint.

To get started, I gave my stamp a nice inking of embossing ink.

I stamped right onto the wood.  I repeated this step until I had all of the coverage I needed on my picture frame.

I started spreading my first color of embossing powder.

It is really important for you to use the waterfall technique when removing excess embossing powder.  The waterfall technique is picking up your project and sliding it off, the same way it was put on, not to contaminate your other areas that are covered with embossing ink.   Pick up your frame and shake off excess from the corner down…

Repeat with the other colors that you have chosen.  Keep shaking off working down to the corner.  The different colors of embossing powder will not stick where other powders are.  This is another good way to conserve your embossing powder by picking up the excess before is gets contaminated by another color.

When you have finished applying embossing powders, before using your heat tool, use a small paintbrush and remove embossing powder from where you don’t want it.  This saves on the frustration after you have melted the powders.  Now, start your heating.

My embossing powder is all melted and you can somewhat see the beautiful shimmer on the frame.

Finished product….The Jordan’s!!!

Thank you for taking a peek at my tutorial.  I would love for your to give it a try.  When your all  finished…upload your project onto our Facebook wall.  We’d love to see it!!

See you tomorrow with our first Skipping Stones Design Featured Friday Set!!!

Happy Thursday!!!

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  1. I am trying to figure out this piece of wood I seen that was way to cool. I think they are using embossing powder and then puttin a colored glaze over top. Does anyone thing this would work ? Or do yall think the glaze will melt the embossing power ?

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