Tips & Tricks Thursday: Creating Faux Washi Tape with Wendy

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Washi tape is all the rage right now in the stamping world! Today I’m going to show you how to create your own using some simple supplies you might already have around the house. 
supplies: medical adhesive tape, watercolor pencils, markers, Skipping Stones Design stamps
Medical adhesive tape is a paper thin low tack adhesive that is perfect for creating washi tape with. You may already have it in your first aid kits. I was able to find some in the dollar store. Next gather up some coloring mediums and favorite stamps. 
Tear off strips of tape and place them on a nonstick craft mat. The real fun begins with experimenting with coloring mediums. The paper is thin and allows the paper under to show through. To make some of the tapes more opaque I gave them a coat of white acrylic paint. 
Some of the tapes I colored with watercolor pencils. Others I colored with markers or inks. Next take your favorite stamps and ink up the tape. 
Here you can see how the tapes will look different depending on the backgrounds they are applied to. In these samples I used Pumpkin Seeds Sentiments, Grunge  and Cancer Schmancer.
I used a variety of faux washi tapes to create the tag on this card. So dig out your stamps and medical tape and give it a try!
Wendy Price

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  1. Unbelieable!!! I was just looking at this tape last night as it fell out of my med cabinet… and thought this would be good to stamp on… and I be darn ….you did it!! TFS!

  2. I’ve been using the tan masking tape. I’m a nurse and I have never thought of using this tape!! It comes in this paper tape and also a silk version, which I’m sure would be very pretty, too.

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  4. Ha! I was at the drugstore this morning and bought some medical tape, thinking – hey I’m gonna try making my own washi tape with this and some stamps. And I googled when I got to work and found another Wendy beat me to it! TFS

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