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Karen from The Bald Dragonfly here to show you an easy way to replicate the beauty of a butterfly in 3-D for a card, layout or home decor project. The butterfly or even dragonfly in the Skipping Stones Design’s set, Always Here, is a wonderful set to use for this technique because of their size and intricate details.

You’ll need just a few supplies and a few short steps to produce the stunning effects of a 3-D butterfly.
• Acetate or Transparency Paper-thick grade
Skipping Stones Design stamp set, Always Here
• Watermark Ink
• Embossing Powder (I’ve used black)
• Alcohol Based Markers (optional)
• Heat Gun
• Static Resist Tool (optional)

Here’s what you do to get started…
Before stamping your image, wipe down a piece of acetate to prevent static cling of the powder (optional).
1. Stamp your image with watermark ink onto acetate, sprinkle with embossing powder.
2. Remove excess powder with a small paintbrush.
3. Heat your image from both sides of the acetate, moving your heating gun in small, rapid circles.
4. Trim your image and color on backside with marker, if desired.

5. Conform your image into a 3-D shape using the heat gun and a cylindrical object. (If your heat gun produces low heat, you can carefully use your finger to shape.)
6. Adhere your 3-D piece onto a card with clear drying glue or a glue dot.

So easy and such a stunning effect with this particular stamp set!

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