P.M.S. SALE…it finaly pays to PMS!

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P.M.S. sale~ the more you buy the more you save!!!!

P.M.S.~ in this case~suffering from the NEED to Purchase More Stamps!

Here is how it works: 

Buy 1 stamp set  save 5%, for a total of .73cents savings.                           Coupon code: PMS1

Buy 2 stamp sets & save 10%, for a total of $2.90off.                                     Coupon code: PMS2

Buy 3 stamp sets  & save 15%, for a total of $6.54 off.                                     Coupon code: PMS3

Buy 4 stamp sets & save 20%, for a total of $11.60 off .                                   Coupon Code: PMS4

Buy 5 stamp sets & save 25%, for a total of $18.10 off.                                     Coupon Code: PMS5

What to do: Put the stamps into your shopping cart as normal. When you are checking out there will be a box where you can type in a coupon/discount code.  This is where you type the letters PMS and the number of stamp sets you purchase.  For example if you are buying three stamp sets type in PMS3 into the box.

*This sale will last until Saturday May 1st at midnight

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