SSD01 Skipping Stones Design sketch 001

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SSS01Here is the Skipping Stones sketch challenge #1

Designed by the talented and lovely Kim Teasdale!

If you want to participate in this challenge please post your picture on Split Coast Stampers keywords ssd01  skippingstonesdesign and skipping_stones_design  ….or send them directly to our email…..

On the 1st of January we will be picking a participant in from the sketch challenge.  The winner will receive 3 Skipping Stones Design stamp sets!!!

SSS01sample Kim teasdale

This card was made by Kim herself- we are so excited to have her as our first sketch artist!!!!

She also teaches her amazing techniques at My Creative Classroom,  To find out more about her, and a complete list of supplies used on this card here is the link to her blog:

Come back next Tuesday to [participate in another sketch challenge and see more amazing art from Kim…..




From Chels Vanwyk:










From Angela Thomas:


Sketch #3

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Starting December 2009 we will have Skipping Stones (card)Sketch every Tuesday.  Each month will bring a new guest sketch artist.  We are honered to Have Kimberly Teasedale as the sketch artist for the entire month of December.  I have gotten a sneak peak at her sketches and they are FANTASTIC!

Below you will find our third sketch, the sample card was made using the Chocolate Vol #1 stamp set.




The Top 10 “Man themed stamps” you just can’t find….

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The top ten “man” stamps you just can’t find:

1. The only men I can count on these days are “Ben and Jerry”

2. I’m one more bad date away from being the crazy cat lady.

3. I like my coffee like my men: ground up and in the freezer.

4.It’s all fun and games till someone looses a weiner(think camping)

5. My knight in shinning amor turned out to be a dork in tinfoil.
6.Dear honey, Yes, you CAN have breakfast in bed. Just be sure to sleep in the kitchen.
7.Men and mascara; both run at the first sign of emotion.
8.Who wants a knight in shinning armor, when you can have a vampire in a Volvo!(Twilight reference)
9.Watch out for dyslexic men, they walk into bras
10.Breaking up is easy for alligators. You can just turn your ex into a purse. He always was full of crap anyway.

Which one of these do you want to see turned into a stamp? Are there some that you can think of that you would like to share?

 Here is our “Funny about Men” stamp set


Card sketch #2

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Here is another clean and simple card sketch.  For the example cards I used stamps from the Margarita Birthday set.

Sketch #2





For variations on this sketch try the following:

Single mat where a double mat is indicated

make the mats longer on the sides and shorter on the tops 

web1Thanks for looking

BOO poems and Ideas

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When designing this stamp set I had to make a “Boo” Poem stamp.  The original Boo poem is about three paragraphs long, so this is a shortened version.  It is only one paragraph, and fits on a 4″X 6″ index card.

If you have ever been “BOO”ed you know what I am talking about.  When you “BOO” someone you leave a them a bunch of goodies with the Boo card attached.  Then they Boo two of their friends and so on and so forth.  It is such a fun and my kids get a Huge kick out of it every year! Below are some examples of how to boo in small, medium, and large ways.  The first is a card that  you could attach to a bag of candy corn.  It would be perfect for an office settings as it would fit in the office mailboxes.   web10

The second is the poem attached to a bag of tootsie rolls which could be left on a teacher’s or co workers desk.  web9

The last picture shows a note with ribbon attached that you can tie around a Pumpkin filled with trick or treat goodies.  Perfect for Neighborhood friends.web 6

 This is such a fun tradition…..

Happy Halloweenie Stamp Set

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 This 4″x6″ set is a great one just for you or to share with the kids.  The images are all line images ready to be colored and individualized just how you want them. 


Here are some ideas using the Brand new “Halloweenie set”.


 Google eyes are a lot of fun to add with this set.

This darling Paper is From the Fancy Pants “Trick or Treat” collection.

I will have anther post with samples and ideas using the “Boo” poem from this stamp set.  If you’ve never been “Booed” You’ll have to check it out.

Thanks for looking.