SSS01sample Kim teasdaleOur Mission statement:

To help papercrafters share the gift of laughter one stamp at a time.

Laughter is the one common thread that holds us together. It is there for us even when life is falling apart at the seems. Laughter ties closer the bonds of friends and family. It is the cement of good memories, and is the medicine that cures whatever ills you.

Skipping Stones Design:Turning papercrafters into comedians since 2005.


Unexpected laughter may occur. This Laughter may result in the leaking of eyes, bladder, and yes, even beverages from the nose. Please put down all drinks, and empty your bladder before continuing on this site. Embarrassing accidents can and do happen to good people.

About Our Stamps:  Our stamps are manufactured in the United States. They used the highest quality photopolymer available.  It is formulated to resist  yellowing, and gives a crisp clean impression every time.

Caring for your stamps:Over time your stamps may loose some of their “cling”. The cling is easily restored by washing with a mild soap in warm water. After washing allow them to air dry and then return them to their clean storage sheet.

Angel Policy: Please feel free to use our images on projects for resale, just as long as the images are not mechanically reproduced.

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  1. Linda Criswell

    I too saw and have 3 or 4 sets of your stamps and like what I’ve seen. We are looking forward to being able to see all your stamps. I love your funny stamps. I make alot of cards and LAUGHTER is my main objective when I make my cards. I don’t think we have enough humor in the world to offset the rest of life. Right now I am bidding on the Air Force/4th of July/support our troops stamp on Ebay. Thank you for your stamps—they are a pleasure and I wish you the Best of Luck.

  2. Donna Suckling

    Love your funny stamps
    Love your stamps, especially the funny wine one. Your “tramps” turn out beautiful rich coloured cards!
    cheers from Canada
    Donna (bonniestamper on Split.)

  3. JK Elliot

    saw a example on Splitcoaststampers that sent me searching for your stuff – love your funny sayings! These are great, hope to order some soon.

  4. Stefanie Lopez-Mendoza

    I’ve just placed my first order of stamps sets and I just cannot wait to get them!! They are so funny and cute at the same time…I want them all!!

  5. patti roberts

    i have 14 sets of your stmps. i LOVE them. my friends can’t wait to get their b-day cards. i have bought sets as presents. keep the creative thoughts coming. patti

  6. Jessica

    I’ve just found your site and love your stamps. I am always looking for funny or at least cutsey lines to put on my cards. Now I can have the images and the words to match! I must say that the Margarita set made me cry… but only because I would have made cards for my BFF…who passed away almost 2 years ago. She would have loved them! Thanks so much for your great ideas!

  7. Kimberly

    Hi! I just found your site and immediatly ordered two sets 🙂 Super cute! I occasionally sell some cards on Etsy and at craft shows. Do you have an angel policy? If so, where could I find that? Thanks!

  8. Yolanda Rodriguez

    I just found your site – your stamps are just my style! We have the same sense of humor! 🙂 I just missed your sale…are you going to have another one soon because there a few stamp sets I want to order?

  9. Kami Happel

    Heather – I met you this weekend in SD, just got home and have been telling ALL of my card making friends about your awesome stamps and passing along your website! I can’t WAIT to use the purse set! LOVE your designs, it was an honor to meet you. I can’t wait to add to my collection of your collection!!

  10. Heather Engebretson

    It was so nice meeting you this past weekend. I hiope you enjoyed your time in SD. Thanks so much for the huge compliment of telling your friends about my stamps. Happy stampin’ !

  11. Johnalyn Margheim

    Friend referred me to your site. LOVE your stamps !!! Bought 2 of them, and wish you guys had more 🙂

  12. Annie

    I love two sets of your stamps. I tried order, but it says you dont ship to Malaysia.. 🙁
    I love the Healing Wings and Dandelion Dreams.. help me plz.. thank you 🙂

  13. Christine

    I see someone else posted the same question I have. Do you have an Angel Policy? I am in love with ‘Holy Crop”- and had to order it immediately. I wish you had a female version similar. It totally cracks me up and can’t wait to get my inky fingers on it. ;O)

  14. Terri

    Since I am an avid Martini drinker along with our friend Susan from CO., of course, we both just love the One Martini, Two Martini, Three Martini, FLOOR! set…Love seeing all your new designs, Heather!

  15. ava

    Hello, i just found your site through Andrea Ewen. I hope to print out one of your samples and enter your draw, as i need a fathers day card, in 2 days. so i know the stamp set won’t be here in time….so much laughter, so glad i have found you

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