A couple of cuppas

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You’d think I was a coffee drinker or something!  No, I have an ongoing date with the Earl.  Straight up.  And I’m from the PNW, which makes me a troublemaker.  (As if I can’t get into trouble WITHOUT the Earl!)

I liked the idea of a stack of cups from a group of gals, just sitting around and chatting about life.  And how much it SUCKS to date when you’re over 36.  (For me it was even earlier.  What the heck?)  And after three or four hours, only the cups remain as witness to the discussion.

These cups are from Skipping Stones Design’s “Coffee Vol #2,” which comes with a lot of fun sentiments and a to-go cup of coffee.  Not literally, which I’m sure is something you crazy coffee drinkers could go for!

I fussy cut the three cups and added slits to the bottom two cups so they nestle into each other.  I colored them so they looked like part of a set but not identical and Glossy Accented the floral embellishments.  I think a better sentiment for this card might be “Miss you a latte!” because of the girlfriend factor.

Still, a very adaptable set from Skipping Stones Designs!

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